In June, 2016, I received a bachelor degree from the College of Materials Science & Engineering, Chongqing University, China.


From May to August 2016, I worked for the Uber Company (China) as a visual designer, under direct supervision of Maggie Mu.


From September 2016 to January 2017, I was a research assistant leading the 3D polymer project in Prof Zhibo Li and Prof Yingjie Zhao's research group, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, China, where we initially put forward the concept of spirobifluorene-based 3D covalent organic frameworks (SP-3D-COF).


From Feburary 2017 and then on, I am a PhD candidate under supervision of Prof Cyrille Boyer in the University of New South Wales, Australia, mainly focusing on computer-guided design of photocatalyst and photocatalysed redox polymerization systems.



Structural Design for Photocatalyst (PC)

Developing construction rules for synthesized PCs; computer-guided design.

2012 - 2016

Chongqing University

Bachelor Degree in Materials Science and Engineering.

Photo-Controlled Radical Polymerisation Systems

Empolying dedicately designed organic PC to improve photo-controlled radical polymerisation.

Structural Design for 3D Covalent Organic Frameworks (3D COF)

Designing donor-acceptor scaffolds for photo-responsive functional 3D COF materials.

2017 - 

University of New South Wales

PhD candidate under supervison of Prof Cyrille Boyer.

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